LALC’s Fun Learning Experience Online.

The LALC preschool curriculum goes fully online during the first two trimesters of SY 2020 – 2021. We are pioneering the LALC FLExO, or Fun Learning Experience Online for learners 2 – 5 years old. The salient features of the LALC FLExO are:

  • Live and synchronous learning with similarly aged learners using Zoom Meetings.
  • Fun and engaging curriculum in compliance with the Most Essential Learning Competencies from the Department of Education.
  • Fully licensed and regulated by the Department of Education.
  • Daily (Mondays to Fridays) 2-hour Zoom classes with Circle Time, Meeting Time, Read Aloud, large group activities and individual instruction.
  • Two sessions daily per level.
  • Maximum class sizes of 15 per class with two teachers per class of ten kids and above.
  • Twice-weekly small group targeted classes (maximum of 5 learners per small group) that will last for one hour each.
  • Options for Learning packets delivered to your homes, picked up from designated areas, or for parents to print their own worksheets that we will provide.
  • Management of learning activities and exercises through Google Classroom.
  • Authentic and relevant assessment through one-on-one conduct of trimestral Performance Tasks.
  • Fully LALC teacher guided and implemented learning, not parent-implemented.

The requirements for pupils enrolled in the LALC FLExO are the following:

  • Dedicated Mobile Learning Device such as a tablet or a laptop DURING the online meeting sessions.
  • The presence of a parent or responsible adult during the online meeting for setup and technical assistance.
  • The preparation of the materials, worksheets and other supplies that the child will be using during their class session.
  • Data/internet access sufficient for video streaming. Zoom video streaming consumes approximately 700MB per hour, and is equivalent to the amount of data used to stream a video through Netflix or YouTube.
  • Organized and conducive space for learning that is free of distractions.

The LALC FLExO provides targeted and guided instruction for your children during this new and challenging time. Our creative and dedicated approach is anchored on the capabilities and professionalism of our passionate LALC faculty members. We have been a pioneer in online learning and we are proud that our teachers have developed strategies and techniques that translated and transitioned well from face-to-face learning to distance learning. 

Registration for LALC FLExO will open on May 25. Classes will begin on July 27, 2020. Pupils who reserve a slot for our FLexO program by June 15 will get two free weeks during our Summer Classes (from May 11 to June 12) or Enhanced Summer Classes, scheduled for June 22 to July 17, 2020.

You may register to LALC FLExO by filling up this form.

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